Borzoi Books


Observations on Borzoi

“Called in America Russian Wolhounds. In a series of letters to a friend”. Photo N°1 : première édition 1912. Photo N° 2 : réédition par Donald R. Hoflin 1976. 123 pages. Livre sur le Barzoï sous forme de lettres de Joseph B. Thomas, célèbre éleveur a…

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Svenska Champions 1900-1999

A book that covers all Swedish Borzoi Champions between the years 1900-1999. In all 485, listed with year of birth, breeder and owner. With a three-generation pedigree and  almost all illustrated with a photo.

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The borzoi – Gordon

Generalist book on English Barzoi, English and American standards, breeding, food, education, exhibitions. Many pictures of English barzoi.

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The Borzoi – Yesterday and Today

The Borzoi Yesterday and Today, Research – Documentation.Danielle Laurent-Faure (2005).The early 1900s: a turning point in the history of the Barzoi. Thanks to the remaining documentation, a round-up of this major period accompanied by many photos. An…

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The Borzoi as I know it

Artur Craven, kennel Nevarc – England. Première édition 1930, réimprimé en 1977. 80 pages. Ici, l’auteur enseigne l’art de créer un élevage de barzoïs, le choix des reproducteurs. Quelques éléments sur les premières expositions anglaises. La première…

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The Borzoi Handbook

Photo N°1 A copy of the “The Borzoi Handbook” edition. Date not specified (the first edition is 1952). Photo N° 2 : “Borzois”, a rewrite of “The Borzoi Handbook” by the same author, published in 1971. Other edition in 1977, with additionnal illustrati…

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The Borzoi in the West: the beginning”

A must for every history interested Borzoi fancier. Unique pictures and very well researched, a pity its only available in the russian language.

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The Complete Borzoi

288 pages. The author, breeder, judge and president of the American Barzoi Club (1975-1977) strives in this book to go around the question: history of race, standards commented on all countries, history of American breeding

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Your Borzoi - Alfred W. Edlin, M.D.

Your Borzoi

128 pages Alfred Edlin (Ridgeside Kennels) takes you through a brief but thorough introduction to the breed. The book covers such topics as: – choosing a puppy and the characteristics and personality of an adult Borzoi; – maintenance: groomi…

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