The Borzoi Handbook



Mrs Winifred Chadwick

Year Published:






Photo N°1 A copy of the “The Borzoi Handbook” edition. Date not specified (the first edition is 1952).

Photo N° 2 : “Borzois”, a rewrite of “The Borzoi Handbook” by the same author, published in 1971. Other edition in 1977, with additionnal illustrations.
241 pages.

A must-see of the genre, published by the English breeder of “Winjones” borzoi.

To the book is added an English translation of the famous book “The Perchino hunt” by Dimitri Walzoff.


1. Origin and history in Russia

2. Early show dogs

3. Contemporary dogs

4. The standard

5. Breeding

6. Feeding

7. Management

8. Exhibiting

9. The Borzoi Club

10 Glossary of terms

The Perchino Hunt Contents



1. Perchino

2. Perchino hounds

3. Puppy raising

4. Composition of the Perchino Hunt

5. Brief history of the Perchino hunt

6. Hunting

7. Perchino wolf drives

8. A days hunting in Perchino



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    Arvid Andersen

    I have the first edition…

    I have the first edition from 1952. Chewed on by a borzoi!

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