zanosa whiskey run hill

Zanosa of Whiskey Run Hill

From Borzoi Past Group, Sue E.A. Vasick: <<Zanosa of Whiskey Run Hill was a self black brindle bitch with just a hint of white to her, bred and owned by Lewis Godfrey of Whiskey Run Hill kennel. Whelped October 1, 1954, she was a daughter of English import Winjones Janda ex Ninotchka of Whiskey Run Hill, the latter being granddaughter to Shandhu the Shadow of Malora. Zanosa eventually found herself at the Sunbarr kennel of Jim Barr, where she produced three litters from 1959 to 1963. She was the dam of Zanosa II, Beau Gest, Bengal Lancer and Anna Karenenya, all bred at Sunbarr.>>

Registration number:

AKC H588096 [5-1959]

Registration documents:



Date of Birth:

October 1, 1954

Age when died:

Cause of death:


Lewis Godfrey


Show Titles:


Field Titles:


Body Markings:

Self colored

Coat Colour:

Black brindle



Country of Birth:

America (USA)

Country of Standing:

America (USA)

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