Perchino imports to Germany – stars of the past


Deceased Borzoi Stars by Erich Zeiß, Berlin im January 1926

Ch Asmodey Perchino

Under the same heading, I described the old borzoi-winners of the years 1890 to 1910, some years ago. And this time I am concerned with the three thoroughbred borzois, which were imported by Dr. Arthur Wegener from Perchino, the kennels of the Grand Duke Nicolai Nikolajewitch in the year 1913. For that, this old meritorious breeder still deserves the thanks of the entire borzoi-world.

Ch Ptitchka Perchino

Firstly I will mention Ch Ptitschka Perchino DWZ 513 since she was the best of them. Ptitschka was the best Borzoi bitch, I‘ve ever seen during my years of practice. She had a noble general appearance and embodied power and type in its purest form.

When I was judging at the show in Hanover, I made the attached photo. It shows all the advantages of that bitch. The long dry head has the best expression, very dark eyes and very small, properly worn ears. Neck, topline, front, rear, depth of chest, paws and set of tail are top-class. And her wonderful rich and soft coat underlined her general appearance with the uniform color and the nice red markings on the head. My only regret is that Ptitschka was not used for breeding more often.

Now I come to Ch Asmodey Perchino DWZ 508. This noble dog was a benefit for the German Borzoi breeding, although he had inherited his little faults also. That male had much type and an extremely racy general appearance. His red markings with the black hair tips, and his enormously long, silky and wavy hair with long silken tresses beneath his neck and the very typical head expression underlined his appearance significantly. The head was long, dry and narrow, the eyes dark and racy, the small fine ears high set and erect – with the tip slightly tilting forward (horses ear) – when he was alert. His front was very good, I would have wished him a little more depth of chest and better angulated hindquarters.

Ch Almadin Nikolskoi

In combination with Champion Ptitschka, Asmodey gave us the wonderful Ch Almadin Nikolskoi NRV 829 owned by Mr. van Berkhof, as well as Ch Asmodey Nikolskoi NRV 830, Ch Arsinoi, Aliaska and Assunta.

As the last of the three imports I come to Iran Perchino DWZ 507. Rated by points, Iran could compete with his kennel companion Asmodey, but not as a competitor in the show ring, since Asmodey was better in type and coat. Iran was an excellent dog with a racy general appearance, long head, very good shoulder,

Bessberck’s Ajax

back, front, hindquarters and tail. His hair was short, very thick and silky soft, white with red markings. Unfortunately I haven’t heard anything about his off spring.

Iran Perchino.












I conclude my discussion hoping that our Borzoi breeding will get fresh blood soon, it is urgently needed. In the following some offspring of Asmodey Perchino. From this 3 dogs he was used for breeding the most:

The following pictures show some of the offspring from first and second generations.

Generation 1
Generation 1

Generation 2Generation 2


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