Kennel “Van de Sabatchnaja Izba”


By Jo Heller

Translated from “Der Windhundfreund” by Jean Vandongen, August 1976

When I was still living in England I had already heard about Mr. H. van Erp in Holland and his ‘real Russians’. The name Van de Sabatchnaja Izba is known all over the continent. Now, as I live in Holland, when I get Borzoi visitors – and that happens often – this name is always on the top of my list for a MUST visit.

So, I am very pleased to tell you a little about this Borzoi breeder. This year the Sabatchnaja Izba kennel has its 20th Anniversary, although it has existed long before that. We can still find this kennel at Vliertsesteeg 10, Hertogenbosch, Holland.

Twenty years is a long time, but it is very important to keep in mind that this kennel really does not breed very often, but when they do, they produce quality. The excellent dogs that are bred here are wanted everywhere! Requests from serious lovers of the breed from all over are higher than the amount of young dogs they have at hand.


The bloodlines of this kennel have been selected very carefully, and originate from the old Dutch Krasnoje Selo and Vredewold lines. It is the ONLY Dutch kennel who directly imported several excellent Russian Borzoi to breed into their line. In 1960, Mr. van Erp succeeded to import two males, brother Kumir and Kretchet, both white with black, and also the lovely self beige bitch Wolga, directly from Russia.

The powerful Kumir and the quality blonde bitch Petrushka van Lewanoff had an excellent litter [containing] Sokol, Sirotka, Strela and Sorva van de Sabatchnaja Izba. This litter contributed much to the general quality of the breed here.


Sorva was bred at a later date to Vorenoff Beau Geste, an English import owned by Mrs. J. Heller. From this litter came Inuschka van de Sabatchnaja Izba, better known as ‘Dropje’. Dropje is built the same way as her Russian grandsire, Kumir, has the same intelligence, and is, like Kumir, a very special Borzoi.  She is the dam of World Winner Vorenoff Kismet Tolkaia.


The sire of Sorva’s second litter was Russian import Kretchet, and two Borzoi from this litter – Almas and Alenka – are in Switzerland.

At the moment Mr. van Erp has some other interesting Russian imports, a male and female, both black, and the lovely white and black male Yasha, who is a powerful wolf hunter and who deserves to be called Borzoi. This year Yasha will sire puppies, all who are already spoken for in and outside of this country.

The Borzoi kennel Van de Sabatchnaja Izba does not flood the world with numerous young dogs; however, it is known and valued for its quality, and this extremely valuable blood is very important and beneficial to the breed. We wish you success with the Yasha offspring.


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