Borzoi history in Spain


Borzois at an exhibition in Barcelona in 1913./Andrus Kozlov

The Kennel Club in Spain commenced in 1911 and Vol 1 of the studbook LOE published records for 1912. The first Borzoi entered was Zar (Imp Germany) who was shown as a puppy in Madrid 1913. Other imports appear over the next few years but the first possibly bred in Spain was 1915 and repeated 1917 with breeder S Lorente. Nothing bred on. The next litter was bred by J P Navarro in 1923 which included Tonki shown and photographed. Tonki sired the next litter in 1925 and repeated in 1927 but no progeny bred on or at least not recorded in these sparse studbooks.

Photo from 1911 Expo Madrid – Gar, borzoi Mr Alonso Gullon. I think that the correct name was Zar? (Imp Germany)


Borzoi interest started properly in 1925 with 10 litters bred 1925-1933 mainly from imported dogs. Two pups bred in 1934 and that’s where it all ends. The Spanish Civil War 1936-1939 followed by WW2 1939-1945 stopped everything. The studbooks Vol1-Vol 22 go up to 1933. Vol 23 was not published until 1946 but caught up with dogs bred or imported from 1934 which included the 2 pups from the last litter in Spain pre war. The next volume of LOE was Vol 24 published in 1952 with consecutive numbers from 1946 and no Borzoi entries. Same for Vol 25 in 1957.

I do not have any copies of the studbook after this so don’t know when another Borzoi was introduced in Spain but there is a huge gap with no Borzoi history from the last part of 1934 to 1957 and probably some years after that./Margaret Davis

Article compiled and based on photos&information from Danielle Laurent-Faure, Margaret Davis & Andrus Kozlov.


Tonki was born in 1923 in Spain (Lorvet – Wonya), breeder Juan Pedro.




Spain in 1912. No Borzoi in this show but Count de Lerida was the owner of Nino d’Ozolles (by Ch Kalpak de l’Ermitage x Basilissa d’Ozolles) and Semiramis d’Ozolles (by Ch Lihodey Perchino (Imp Russia) x Freya du Ziezinghem (Imp Belgium.) Both dogs were born in 1915 and are in LOE.






Photo from 1914








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