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Inna Estrina Kynologist

Some Russian names on colour

  • Sero can be Lighter Grey in variations from ash, brown to silver as spots and as brindle.
  • Burmese means variations of dark grey, greyish brown to almost black brown shown as spots or brindle
  • Red comes as red with variations of grey, light red, dark red both as brindles and spots. All variations can have black mask
  • Murugi is red, dark red, almost black ground colours with lighter tips. Comes with spots of various sizes and all can have black mask.
  • Sero as Grey from ash to yellow grey. Spots, grey and tan, grey and silver, grey brindle, grey with brindle spots, light grey brindle, dark grey brindle and grey and fawn.
  • Poloyo is fawn in spots and brindle and black with fawn
  • Chubary, Brindle is present in almost all colours in spots and selfcolored dogs except in all whites and all blacks
  • Pegi, Spots can be smaller or larger fields of varying intensity.
  • Black comes as all black and black spots of various sizes. Self-black often comes with some white, a foot, on chest or tip of tail. Black can be self blacks with tan and with black spots and tan
  • White borzoi can be all white or have spots of all other colours in various sizes, intensity and Red brindle patches.

Estrina borzoicolours 

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