British Borzoi Shows in Photos (1977)


Photos & names by Annette Rose Parton

Borzoi Club Ch. Show 1977: Dog Judge Mrs Pat Barham Tamaroff. Bitch Judge Mr Keith Prior Zomahli

Barbara Long’s Bacaret Lord Super Tramp.

Langley’s, Bacaret Zebe of Zoribo. Ridge-Reeves, Bacaret Prince Noir.

Woolland’s, Ch Yadasar Robin Hood of Boranya. Bassett’s, Ch Dimland Kohoutek of Colhugh. Rowell’s, Yasha of Lanclare.

Woolland’s, Ch Yadasar Robin Hood of Boranya.

Gladys Harrison’s Greenhaven Barrie,CC & BIS.

Barbara Long’s Bacaret Coppalia. Hibberd’s Tinryland Tanya.

Barbara Long’s Bacaret Coppalia.

Langley’s Yadasar Gilda. Sylvia Marston’s Falconcrag Nakaela.

Sylvia Marston’s Falconcrag Nakaela.

Sylvia Marston’s Falconcrag Nakaela.

Special Stud Dog Class: Barbara Long’s Ch Sholwood Seraph.

Special Veteran Class: Annette Blair’s Ch Patrioona Keepers Bolshoi.

West of England Ladies Kennel Society 1977: Judge Mrs Pat Blair (Bitch images only)


CC Ch. Zomahli Nadesda, Res. CC Shelbor Red Velvet.
Dog CC & BOB Yadasar Robin Hood of Boranya, Res.CC Colhugh Clangers

Pearson & Prior’s Ch Zomahli Nadesda CC, Reg Bassett’s Colhugh Crystal, Bennett-Heard’s Keepers After Midnight, Sylvia Marston’s Falconcrag Nakaela, Michael Real’s Ch, Nakora Adluka

Mrs Sylvia Marston’s Falconcrag Nakaela, Mrs U. John’s Shelbor Zalissa of Penclaire, Bennett-Heard’s Keepers Elsa, Brenda Stears’ Keepers Enchantress of Livny.

Betty Hargrave’s Shelbor Red Velvet Res CC, Mrs P. Morgan’s Dimland Natasha, Miss Murray’s Fortrouge Nicolette.



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