Georgi Konstantinovich von Meyer-Story & Paintings


A young Georgi K von Meyer

Georgi von Meyer, judging in Kassel, Germany 1913. In foreground Mrs Beernaerts Zwaenhoek Borzois. (Link)

Georgi K von Meyer (born 1853) was an amateur painter and General of the Russian army. Engaged in painting independently. He paid special attention to hunting sketches, which were published in specialized magazines for hunters. At the exhibitions, portraits of thoroughbred dogs painted by Meyer were successful. It is known that he took part in the work of the breeding of purebred Borzois, which was conducted under the leadership of Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich (Jr.), created “Portrait of a canine borzoi hunting, Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich.”

In 1902, by order of the Minister of War, he was sent to Bulgaria, where he presented to the Bulgarian Prince Ferdinand his painting “Attack of the Kiev Hussars near Nova Zagora”, dedicated to the events of the Russian-Turkish war of 1877–1878. In 1908 he retired. He became a founding member of the Kiev Artists Society. During the First World War, the Kiev publishing house “Dawn” issued a series of postcards based on drawings by General G.K. Meyer, depicting scenes of military life.

1913, he was invited by Dr Alfred Wegener, kennel Ural to judge Borzois at a big Sighthound event in Kassel, Germany.

General G. von Meyer, during the years had several Borzois from Pershino,  on the 5. October 1917 he bought (maybe he was donated?) his last 9 borzois.

Georgi von Meyer with Ch Asmodey Perchino.

Perchino Hall, decorated with the paintings of Georgi von Meyer.

While in Petrograd, he was arrested by the Cheka on September 1, 1918. Imprisoned in the Alexander Nevsky part, later transferred to the Trubetskoy bastion of the Peter and Paul Fortress (September 19, 1918).  The investigator offered him release on a large bail, and he was transferred to the prison on Gorokhovaya (September 21, 1918) . His further fate is unknown;
Photo and information from Andrus Kozlov’s archives

Paintings by Georgi von Meyer (kindly supplied by Andrus Kozlov, C E Estes & Danielle Laurent-Faure)

Asmodei Perchino, by G K von Meyer

Perchino Borzois

After hunt

Catching the wolf

Drawing “Ideal head”


Varvar Perchino

Sokrushai Perchino

Drawing of an “Ideal Borzoi” Georgi von Meyer

Zver Perchino


Grozny Perchino

Zloem Perchino

Serdetchnyi-II (Serdetschnyi Durassov – Viuga Sokolov (Valtsov)

Painting G K von Meyer

Almaska Perchino


Zigan Perchino

Illustrated menu, G K von Meyer

Golub Perchino

Painting by G K von Meyer

Zorka Perchino

Pack borzois of His Imperial Highness, Kura, daughter of Aragonka, Taskai, son of Armavir, Blistai, son of Almaz./Andrus Kozlov


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