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Both Artem Boldareff and his uncle Nicolai Boldareff was active hunters.It is sometimes not easy to tell who was who of them as often only the name Boldareff was used.

Andrus Kozlov informed the following:

“Nikolai Boldareff shut down his Hunt and sold most of the dogs to Count Stroganoff in 1894. Stroganoff sold some of the dogs abroad”.

All Boldareff dogs born after 1894 should therefor be of Artem Boldareff’s breeding.

Artem Boldareff continued his hunt until the revolution when he moved out of the country and continued to be a well known person in Borzoi circles.

Article about Artem Boldareff here.

Artem K Boldareff & kennelhand, outside his estate.

Artem Boldareff with his svora; Ospor II, Lebed & Liubka.

Sorva of Woronzova, exported to Joseph B Thomas. (Hence the name of Woronzova”)

From the book “Observations on Borzoi”

Korotai Boldareff


Vyruchai breeder/owner A.K.Boldarev, born 1897 Lebed-Gordets Perchino Lihodka Boldarev

Zavladai Boldareff



















Ospor II Boldareff








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