Nikolai Arkadievich Boldareff (Andrus Kozlov archives)


In Russia in the 19th century there were two borzoi breeders of the same surname – Boldarev (in the old style Boldareff). Very often people do not know about this, both persons and their dogs people confuse them. I will try to briefly explain who is who.

Nikolai A Boldareff

Of these, the most famous was Nikolai Arkadievich Boldarev, who acted in the second half of the 19th century. He often wrote articles in hunting magazines, was a judge 12 times, from the first exhibition of the Imperial Society of Hunting in 1875 until 1897 (these exhibitions were held only once a year). His borzois were often winners of exhibitions, they were appreciated by other hunters. He lived not far from Moscow, in the Moscow province, Zvenigorod district.


Briefly about the borzois of Nikolai Boldarev, which were imported in

Ataman (Kidai Molodoi-Kolpitsa) Big Silver Medal 1891

Pylai (Podar-Zavlada) Big Silver Medal 1891. Father of Tsaritsa.

Zavlada (Drawing by H Moore)

 the 1890s to England – in 1891 Opromiot (Kidai Yermolov – Uteshka II Boldarev), in 1892 Zavlada  35454 (Almaz Boldarev – Kolpitza Valtzov) and her half-brother Uteshai (Podar Boldarev- Kolpitza Valtzov). In August 1893 and June 1894 Nikolai Boldarev sold all his borzois (24 borzois) to Count Sergei Stroganov, who resold some of them to England:


Zavladai 41374 (Kidai Molodoi – Chara), Nayada 567A (Nalet- Pritchuda), her mother Pritchuda 41379 (Uteshai-Uteshka). In 1896 the Duchess of Newcastle bought Tsaritsa and her littermate Marksman 57561 (Pylai Boldarev – Kolpitza Vassilchikov).



Tsaritsa (sometimes written “Tsaretsa”)






NB! The real Russian names of these dogs are not known. All these imported borzois had offspring in England and America.


Nikolai A. Boldareff

Signature of Nikolai A. Boldareff

Another person is his nephew Artem Konstantinovich Boldarev, he is younger and acted later – from the 1890s, emigrated to France in 1919. His kennel/hunt was located in southern Russia, Tambov province, the village of Vorontsova, a distance of more than 700 km from the kennel of Nikolai Boldarev.


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