Perchino hunting report 1912


Andrus Kozlov has collected data from the Perchino hunting Journals. Not all years are available.

Contrary to Gatchina they did not use guns but hunted with borzoi so what these figures tell us about the borzoi’s capabilities we can assume is quite close to the truth. It is also apparent that wolves were not an easy prey to find and catch and it is therefore understandable that it got lots of attention when it happened, especially if a borzoi could take down a wolf singlehanded.

The figures show the results from hunting with hounds at Perchino.


Results from 1902 (20 times hunted in autumn).

Wolves adult and yearlings         4

Young wolves                                27

Foxes                                               18

Hares (both species)                   388

Total for the 1902 season   437

1912 from September 15 to October 9

Fox                                                   56

European hare                             295

Mountain hare                             511

Total for the 1912 season   437

1913 from September 18 to October 18

Wolves                                              4

Foxes                                               39

European hare                             349

Mountain hare                              125

Total for the 1913 season    517

The original Perchino hunting journal from 1912 and 1913.


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