Zarack the wanderer


The dog who wandered 500 km back to his owner

Espen Uvaag has sent this interesting story about Zarack.

Zarack’s owner was Ole Sigurd Hvidtsten from Høybråten just outside of Oslo, the capital of Norway.

In a newspaper article, it says that the dog was relocated to Trondheim some 500km from home.

The dog escaped from its new home and the article says that the dog found its way through all the 500 km back to Hvidtsten.

Ole Sigurd Hvidtsten must have been overwhelmed by the homecoming of the dog and let him stay in his old home.

Unfortunately, was Zarack displaying his heritage by killing several cats and hens and was put down a few years later.

In the picture he looks like a quite large strong dog and shows some resemblance to the Ramsden borzois, Romance and Reindeer imported to Norway a few years earlier by Erika Bugge and Marie Knudzen.


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