Ozeroff Hunt

Oseroff Hounds. These were quite large grown, reach 78 in dogs and 76 cm very rarely in females. The color was mostly pure white or white with grayish coloration. The fur was very dense, but not particularly long and formed curls, but was not wavy. A characteristic feature is the possession of a hilly muzzle (tongs) and the forehead past, so that it seemed as if the head was bent from the eyes, both after the neck and after the tongs. The eye was strangely black protruding very open and clever with bloody eyes in the eye. The ear was thin and small, set a bit low, but very tightly applied to the head and movable. The rod mostly in the sickle very thin, with long wavy hair. The dogs were fine-butted with wide croup. In the field they were willful, strong and evil, but without being stormy. The blood transfer from Oseroff dogs to other types has greatly refined the appearance of the latter.