gelriaGlinska and Henschikoff Gelria.

The Gelria kennel was one of the first and most famous in Holland, where Russian borzoi were bred since the 1890 s. The owner was the chairman of the Russian greyhound club in Holland and also judge Henri van Haaren.

(from Andrus Kozlov)

In 1917 Henri van Haaren wrote in a magazine about these dogs:

… There are no dogs without flaws and no perfect ones! I’ve managed to breed borzoi for years in a row, have several Champions that not only brought my kennel European fame, but even made it known in America. Some of my best samples are featured in these photos as champion Sergei Gelria, champion Katucha Gelria, champion Vera Gelria, champion Potif Zjoltie Gelria, etc. Most of the photos of young dogs were taken at the age of nine months, from which to conclude what strong, large and muscular dogs they were. Pay attention to their unusually deep and beautiful breast shapes, especially Sergei, Iwan and Potif.