William Frank Calderon 1865-1943


Painting of Ch Velsk

Frank Calderon

William Frank Calderon (London 1865 – 21 April 1943)

At the age of 14, young William won the Trevelyan Goodall Scholarship and attended Slade School, where he studied with Alphonse Legros.

When he sold his first painting – for £12 to Queen Victoria – he was just sixteen.

For over 40 years he exhibited at the Academy’s summer exhibitions; no picture of him was ever rejected there.

In 1894 he founded his school of animal painting on Baker Street. The studio regularly worked with living “models”, so you could find horses, dogs, cats, goats and occasionally donkeys.

At the time, he had five dog models, including an Irish wolfhound.

The students were also encouraged by him to visit the Zoological Garden and sketch the animals in natural poses.

Calderon was an excellent portrait painter, but he was most accomplished as an animal painter.

He had a unique ability to instill a sense of majesty in animals, and often depicted “gentle giants” who were sympathetically rendered, clarified in the picture “Orphans”, in which the puppies are shown under the watchful eye of the Irish Wolfhound.




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