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Open meeting.

1. Secretary for the meeting

2. Board members. The recent resignation from vice President Maja Cosic.

3. Questions from last meeting

4. Economy report, Dan

5. Budget for the period from now to September next year (the Council).

6. How to increase income? We need to introduce a member’s fee in order to maintain the borzoipedia program and the TBE. Suggest we contact all present members in borzoipedia and suggest they pay a member’s fee of €30, the founder members excluded. Without more funds, we will not be able to continue. The cost to cover the yearly running is €150. Making the borzoipedia into a fully working program have a price for the first stage of approximately €450. Stage two will also cost another €450. The result of the first two stages will be presented at the meeting. Arvid has already paid the first €450 as a no-conditional loan to TBE.
The next €450 has not yet been paid.

7. Do the board accept to pay € 450 for the program as seen here to day

8. There is an estimated cost for including a link to the studbooks, alphabetic pagination and pedigrees at between 500 to 700 € we can decide if we can raise the needed funds.  We should also build up funds so we can purchase valuable historic material in the future.
To manage the demands ahead the following actions are proposed:

9. Letter to Founder members (See letter)
Letter to all members. (See letter). We have 200 members. If 50 or more pay a yearly fee of €30 we have enough funds to continue the site, but we still be quite a long way from €4500 needed for renewing the program.

10. Donation campaign first weeks in December. If delegates have begun posting reports and more historic articles are published – then we have reason to promoting the site

11. Program progress, Arvid. Demonstration of program to the boardmembers

12. Deborah Soete would be an excellent choice for Webmaster. Suggest we ask Deborah Soete to take the role of Webmaster, responsible only to the board/who on the board+

13. Delegates, Marina. Delegates meeting, agenda?

14.Ask delegates who are still not members (4) to join before the delegate’s meeting
Ask delegates who are already members to test if they can log in and eventually ask for new passwords.

15. Addition of material. We need more articles and interviews. Quite a few have been published recently but we need more. Suggest we all make an effort to find and publish articles of interest to the borzoi community. If you don’t have the time to work on articles, ask someone for help.

16. It can perhaps be possible to purchase Aatis Lillstroms huge collection. Dan Persson handles this. It will require additional funds. Lately there has also been the question of the Duchess of Newcastle letters.

17. Use the borzoipedia program; Encourage boardmembers and delegates to make it a rule to log in to borzoipedia every day to explore news and come with corrections.

18. The meeting in Holland? Do we intend to be there? Who is in charge?

19. Report! Prepare events, speakers, and products for sale! Discuss with Holland about shows, judges. Who on the board is organizing?
Arvid has been asked to do a talk about IBC history at the conference. If I decide to do this it should be in combination with TBE. Am not quite clear if I really can go.

20. New business

21. Suggest a date for the Next meeting

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