August 2021




Discussion around a future merge between TBE and IBC. Kristina put a suggestion to the IBC board at the next meeting.

 Meeting held on:

August 3, 2021

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Submitted on:

May 02, 2022

Last modified on:

May 09, 2022


Arvid Andersen









1. Finances Dan report on status
2. Borzoipedia Igor report on development
3. Webinar Marina report on progress
4. Webshop Maja and Marina give us a report
5. IBC Arvid, Kristina report and time shedule
5 a. Host the IBC website at our server. IBC pay $100 a year.
5 b. IBC build a new site and host it on TBE server
5 c. IBC becomes a part of the borzoipedia site
5 d. TBE have a delegate at the IBC board (else than Kristina)
5 e. Eventual merge between TBE and IBC with a common board.

6. An inclusion of IBC (schedule) on the TBE server or IBC as part of the borzoipedia program must be based on Igor’s judgement
7. Proposal to IBC based on the board’s decisions.
8. Other questions
9. Next meeting
10. End


IBC/TBE connection
The IBC board when we met on zoom decided to extend our host for another year. Now, we have arrived at the decision to stay independent. Our webmaster is on board and we seemed to have found a good deal on hosting plus she’ll be rebuilding the website. So, no worries. My schedule is very busy. It’s our show month here and our specialties are this weekend, where we’ll have 6 entered of our own plus I’m doing a lot to put this together. End of August beginning of September should be ok.