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Artem K. Boldareff, a great Russian land owner of the late 19th century, is known to be a great meritorious hunter and breeder of Borzoi in this period. He owned a group of renowned Borzoi and his breeding “Woronzova” (named after his estate) saw the birth of many quality borzoi. He is known for his preference for light colored Borzois .

Some of the borzoi were exported to U.S.A. (O’Valley Farm kennel) and we find the origins of Boldareff borzoï in a number of European pedigrees of the past, a priori, there was little direct imports (one in France – Zmïeïka born in 1904, by Henri Teissonnière, and at least one in England – Likhoda Woronzova, by Mrs. Musgrave).

Artem K. Boldareff was a soldier. He became a close friend to Grand Duke Nicholas Nicolayevich when he was appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Armies in August 1914. A fervent admirer of the Grand Duke, he shared of his own choice the captivity of the Grand Duke and his family, held by the Bolsheviks in Crimea from March 1917 to April 1919 … He also followed the Grand Duke and members of his suite when they left for exile in 1919, first to Italy , then to France.

Regularly, the amateurs of Barzoïs met him at the exhibition of Tuileries in Paris. Highly educated, speaking and writing French perfectly, he was the editor with the Counts, the Cheremeteff brothers, of the first standard of Borzoi, set up in Western Europe in 1924. He also judged the barzoïs in Belgium and Holland.

Artem K. Boldareff is still familiar to us today because he wrote for “Hunting and Fishing” (the famous hunting magazine of the time published in Belgium) many articles and chronicles dealing with the Borzoi and its history. His stories helped to enrich our knowledge of the breed in his country of origin and its use … With his wife, Maria Alexeyevna Boldareff, they were in regular contact with most of the first great breeders of barzoïs outside Russia, and especially Mr and Mrs Beernaerts (Belgium,breeding of de Zwaenhoek).



Maria Boldareva, the young wife of Artem Boldareff with Vyrochai and their child in 1897. The other picture shows her when visiting the Winjones kennels in England 63 years later.


Artem K. Boldareff died at the end of the year 1930, a little more than a year after the Grand Duke Nicholas Nicolayevich.

Author : Danielle Laurent-Faure
(french – english translation and adaption, Dan Persson)


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