Louis Dobbelmann, a pioneer in Borzois. Andrus Kozlov material


Louis Dobbelmann with Ataman II (Ozerov)

Louis Dobbelmann (1837-1901) was the owner of a tobacco factory. Even before buying his first borzois, Dobbelmann kept the Eldee kennel, where he had various breeds of dogs (St. Bernards, pugs, spaniels, mastiffs), but his Great Danes were especially famous. In 1892, Dobbelman exhibited borzois: a male named Malakoff, born in 1891 (Nagrazhdai I Nemirovsky – Fifi), and Marza, born in 1891 (Bill – Olga IV). In 1893 he bought some borzois exported from Russia – Ataman II NHSB 392, Sokol NHSB 393; DWZB 168; DBZB 13, Sudarka NHSB 530/ DBZ 15, Russalka II, Wiuga (Eldee) DBZ 16., Yerza III NHSB 396; SHSB 1087, Slavnyi (all from S.Ozerov hunt) and Nayan, Lubka II (Loop) LOSH 4516.

Soon after he sells some borzois from this group to Mr. van Haaren, kennel Gelria and others. Dobbelmann actively participated in exhibitions, his borzois had a huge impact on the breeding in Holland and Germany. .

Dobbelmann showed the first really beautiful borzois in public. He also appeared with his dogs at exhibitions, so that many people became aware of this breed.

The following was written about his male “Ataman II“, whom had just been imported: In 1893, as a one-year-old male, Ataman II received first prize in the open class in Spa and then – in the same year – he was first in the limited and second in Open Class at the Kennel Club Show in London. He also won in Amsterdam in 1894 over the earlier unbeaten “Sokol” (also owned by Mr. Dobbelmann). He continued his career with victories, first prizes in the open class and numerous honorary awards. Specifically, he won the following awards:
1st Open Class Haarlem 1894
1st Open Class Antwerp 1894 and Championship Kennelclub London 1894
Winner Dortmund 1894
Cruft London 1895
1st Open Class and 1st Team Class Amsterdam 1895
1st Open class, two special prizes, 1st in the paddock class and in the team class Nijmegen 1895
1st Open Class and Special Prize Amsterdam 1896.

Ataman II (Ozerov) NHSB 392 (Ataman I -Almaska)Here a fullgrown Champion and Crufts Winner 1898



In the years after 1893 in England Ataman II regulary beat the dogs of the Duchess of Newcastle: indeed, a splendid success.`»
In the cited article, it is particularly pointed out that Ataman II (like his fellow kennelmates) was gentle and kind in dealing with children. Furthermore, it is emphasized that Ataman II was of great value as a stud dog. A numerous and excellent offspring proves this.

Although Ataman II was clearly the “star” of the kennel, Louis R.H. Dobbelmann owned several other fine dogs.
Sokol” could boast of having won a large number of awards as well. He was
3.Liverpool 1893
2. Cruft London 1893
1st Open Class and 1st Novice Bath 1893



“Sokol” was exhibited at Cruft’s Show
Sokol NHSB 393 (Ataman I x Zanoza), born 7/15/1891, breeder: Ozerov (out of Hutchinson on Sighthounds)




It was only much later that the lines mentioned were mated to the Russian imports Ptitschka and Asmodey and this can also be traced back in many modern-day pedigrees.



List of Borzoi owned by Louis R.H. Dobbelmann, kennel “ELDEE”, Rotterdam (with registration numbers if known):
Ataman ll 392
(later Ataman- Sieg 24)
Sokol 393;  168;  13
Daniar 394
Yersa III 396
Dara 397;  44 ; 154
Trojanka 869 179 34
Tjocca 870;  178
(later Tjocca-Sieg) breeder of this bitch: Henri van Haaren, not Jean Fußhöller, as stated in the DWZB]
Sudarka 15
Eldee’s Wjuga 16

The lineages have been preserved and traced in pedigrees of borzois alive today around the world.



Louis Dobbelman with friend & dogs

The following dogs are not known to be registered:
Saira, Riloff, Milochka, Flock-Russia, Sador, Vjuga & Fifi


Louis R.H. Dobbelmann was an active member of several clubs, including the “Cynophilia” club. Here he became – as successor to Count von Bylandt – chairman. In 1898, L. Dobbelman, for health reasons, stops breeding work and sells part of his borzois.

A group of Louis R H Dobbelmans Borzois





“Nederlandsche Hondensport” dated 25.07.1896, has an article about the kennel of the famous Dutch dog breeder Louis Dobbelmann published here. He bought several Borzois in the 1890s, which were exported from Russia to Europe, notably Ataman II and Sokol from  hunt Sergei Ozerov. The article had a similar photo and showed the names of dogs – from left to right: Sador, Dara, Saira, Daniar, Sokol, Lichotka, Vjuga, Ataman II.


From the magazine “Nederlandsche Hondensport” dated 25.07.1896


Louis Dobbelmann with his pack of Borzois

Margaret Davis writes;Sador (Gelria) has no known progeny, Lichotka had 2 litters and descendants until about 1910 then died out. Saira (misprint for Saiga or Sairka?) is new and is not in NHSB so at present she is a mystery. The other dogs have surviving lines.  Any information on Saira/Saiga/Sairka owned by Dobbelmann? I checked the studbooks for Belgium, France and Germany and also Crufts catalogues in case she was one of the shipment of Russian dogs to the early shows.

Andrus K. comment “There is written Saira – perhaps correct Sura? Sura (Sokol-Lichotka) was sold to Mr. Dethmers, and has offspring”






Nayan, born 1890 (Rogdai x Sultanche), breeder Baron Delwig, the owner in Russia Prince Constantin Oldenbourg. After Cruft show in 1892 Nayan was sold to Mr. Louis Dobbelmann (kennel Eldee in Netherlands) and following to Germany (owner Mrs.Marie Lang). Photo from the magazine “Hundesport und Jagd”. Dogs in Louis Dobbelmans Eldee kennel, from magazine Onze Hond 1983



Ataman II (Ozerov) later Ataman-Sieg



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