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It is with sadness I report the death of Richard Duckworth. It will be a loss to the world of Borzoi. Richard grew up with dogs and horses but Borzoi were his great passion, owning his first at about eighteen years old, writes Lorraine Marchant.

He was a frequent visitor to the Reyas Kennel and always said that he learned a great deal from them. His most famous Borzoi was probably Sholwood Seraph, who can be seen in most of today’s pedigrees. Also his Am import Eng& Am Ch. Stillwater Virginia Reel had a very great impact on the breed both in England and in the dogs exported from her.

A few years ago he combined his kennel with that of Sue Carter’s Rothesby kennel, between them they have bred many Champions. He worked hard for the Borzoi Club for some years and had a wealth of knowledge which was appreciated by all who heard one of his talks about the breed.

Richard was popular all over the world and not just for the beautiful Borzoi he bred but for himself. Always a gentleman he had a wicked sense of humour but would never knowingly hurt anyone. If he had anything to say, he said it, never behind backs but to faces, then it was forgotten. He was also very sensitive and would always notice if someone looked lonely or left out and would go and chat to them, making them feel welcome. He was a great story teller, also a great mimic so his wonderful tales of his early days in Borzoi were something looked forward to by all his many friends.

Some will also remember him when he worked for Guide Dogs for the Blind and appeared on Blue Peter on several occasions, in fact some of the Blue Peter dogs were trained at his kennels, also Virginia Reel’s puppies were seen with him on Blue Peter.

Our sympathy goes out to Sue, and his daughters.

I was shocked by the news that our dear friend Richard had died, writes Helena Arhl from Slovenia.

He was one of the greatest breeders of the last half century. His breeding with the prefix Sholwood left the sign around the world from England, throughout Europe, Scandanavia and Australia, all the way to the USA. He was also a highly respected Judge.

Richard bred Borzoi with partner Sue Carter under the prefix Rothesby Sholwood.
I will remember Richard’s humour and, above all, that he was an open-hearted person who always said only what he thought.

I was a huge fan of Sholwood and the breeding, I will miss him.

A perfect gentleman with wonderful taste in ties!!!, says Alma Oakley-Abrahams.

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