Borzoi History Norway 1900-2000



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This historical article has its background in an ongoing project of Dan Person and T B E, with the ambition to present thorough, well-documented Borzoi History from as many countries as possible. For Norway he works with Laila Krøtøe, Dagfinn Lervik and Arvid Andersen.


Borzois shown in Kristiania (Oslo) 1915

Borzois existed in Norway already around 1900 but without any offspring. However there is a line from the first imports from the Ramsden kennels in England early 1900, to the very successful breeders in Norway today, more than hundred years later. In this work, we will try to show how dedicated people in Norway have managed to maintain a healthy line of borzoi. It’s not straight way, it windles through Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland before reaching the rest of the world. Current Norwegian breeders have mostly leaned towards Swedish, Finnish Continental & US lines.

Two children with a borzoi 1901. Norway perhaps in Kristiania (Oslo)

It is a common believe that borzoi in Norway began with the import of the Ramsden dogs born in 1910. This is perhaps not the whole truth, as can be seen in the picture from 1901. Would have been interesting to know where this photo was taken.

Mrs Nielsen and Mrs Anker Iversen with their 1:st prize winning Russian Longhaired Hounds in Kristiania in 1915. (Photo Marie Knudsen)

An interesting report from a show in Kristiania (Oslo) in 1915 has been found. The Borzois are, from left, Iwan von Kurfurstenstein (breeder Christoph Otto ) and Hiroh, on the right Ch Ramsden Romance and Ramsden Reindeer. The judge writes very positively about the Borzoi and says that Romance is BOB and Ivan was best male. Unfortunately, there are no signs of either Ivan or Hiroh in today’s pedigrees. That is not the case with Romance and Reindeer. They are among the foundations of Scandinavian Borzoi. There are some different descriptions of how the two Ramsden Borzois came to Norway. It is worth remembering that dogs changed owners, much more frequently then. This is what we believe happened.

The young Miss Erika Bugge living in Mandal, south of Norway, imported Ramsden Romance and Ramsden Reindeer from Borman’s famous english kennel Ramsden. Ms Bugge had help from Lord Salvesen, an English lord, with roots in Mandal,  and also from the Knudtzon family of the av Ulleberg kennel in Larvik. The two dogs came, via Mrs Anker Iversen in Kristiansand to Ulleberg to be bred from. Romance remained there, while Reindeer went back to Mandal with Miss Bugge. He was later owned by Dr Roscher also in Mandal. There is a story about Reindeer, told by a youngster from that time: “There was this huge dog who was let out loose on the street. It walked from the doctor’s house to the nearby slaughter to get a bone. All the kids feared it, it could easily outrun them”. 

Kennel af Ulleberg

Ulleberg orzoi at Kennel af Ulleberg 1912, here with a Kennel man & the owner Marie Knudtzon." data-entity-type="file" data-entity-uuid="9cf2963c-5e2f-459d-9359-59684ab185d9"> Phot from kennel Af Ulleberg, kennelhand with two pups and Marie Knudtzon with Ramsden Reindeer & Romance
Marie Knudtzen with Reindeer and Romance and a kennelhand with two Ulleberg pups.

Ch Ramsden Romance and Reindeer were bred and had the first (and only?) Borzoi litter at “Ulleberg” and Vanja af Ulleberg was one of four puppies.One of the male pups, Boris av Ulleberg, went to Denmark, but has no registered offspring.

Marie Knudtzen on horse at Ulleberg





It was the daughter, Marie Knudtzon, that was the driving force in the kennel. She promoted her Borzois all over Scandinavia. However, with the start of World War I, she parted with her Borzois and instead took a fancy in Whippets and Miniature Breeds. Ramsden Romance did not stay on Ulleberg. Both she and the daughter Vanja af Ulleberg, were sold to Sweden, and took their part of Swedish History. However, Marie Knudtzon became a very popular judge of Borzois, and as such influenced the breed in all Scandinavian Countries. 


Borzoi breeding paused for a while after the Knudtzon family turned to other breeds in about 1915. It was not until 1938 that Frithjof Aamodt imported a borzoi from Denmark, Finis Nacha Brusilovice but didn’t do any continuous breeding. Frithjof Aamodt lived in what was then a little village, Strømmen, not far from Oslo.

Ch Ekhaga Nikolai, and his son Frimodt’s Sarasch with the owner, the famous actor Liv Caprino.

Frimodt group. Frithjof Aamodt (wearing hat), Mrs Wallner with “Frippe” next to him.

In the beginning of 1950s Mr Aamodt imported two littermates from Denmark, Fyrwalds Jaroslaw  & Fyrwalds Pawlova and had his kennel name, Frimodt’s registered. He did breed this two to produce, among else Frimodts Maslova. She went back to Denmark to produce a litter for kennel Lillemark. Later Mr Aamodt imported a bitch, Boreland’s Carissima from Sweden. He mated her to Ch Ekhaga Nikolai. This breeding gave the excellent black/white Ch. Frimodt’s Sarasch.

“Frippe” as a young dog

Frithjof Aamodt with Olagus Nikita imported from Sweden in 1975.

Int Ch Frimodt’s Frappant as veteran

Carissima was bred again, this time to Int. Ch. Tichij Don Igor and from this breeding came the outstanding Int. Ch. Frimodt’s Frappant, “Frippe” went as studfee to Marie-Louise Wallner, owner of Igor. He was promoted by her, and, together with her English import, Chinnor Kerstin the foundation for Mrs Wallner’s Igorof kennel. “Frippe” became perhaps the most influential borzoi of his time, as both he and his offspring became widely used in the Scandinavian countries. You will find very few Scandinavian borzois that dont have “Frippe” somewhere in the pedigree.

Until 1973 was Frithiof Aamodt the only influential borzoi breeder in Norway. During the period 1950 to 1971 he participated in shows and was awarded Hounors and Prices. In 1970, another Swedish Borzoi was imported to the  Frimodt’s kennel, Markants Anna Karenina.  She had two litters mated to Frimodt’s Nicolay Romanoff in 1972 & -74. Fritiof Aamodt generally kept the bitches for himself and sold the males. Laila Krøtøe and her family visited him, when they were about to start with borzoi and wrote this:

“We found him a warm, gentle, pleasant and sympathetic person. He kept his borzoi with dignity and gentleness and treated the bitches like princesses. He told us to always behave with respect towards the breed. He died in 1978 and is remembered in Norway as “The Great One”, who formed the basis for our present Borzoi quality”.


Wenwil’s Vladimir Gladiwhisky

Ch Wenwil’s Eroschina Tsygankov

Wenche and Kaare Stray first Borzoi was Ch Frimodt’s Nikolai Romanoff. He was bred twice to their Finnish import Hlamida of Golden West. From this combination came N Ch Wenwil’s Vladimir Gladiwhisky. He was bred back to his dam Hlamida and produced N S Ch Wenwil’s Eroschina Tsygankov.  She became foundation for kennel Sirioschka. Gladiwhisky also were used at kennel Al Wintar to produce the very influential Ch Al-Wintar’s Mirjoz Vlademir. Wenwil did not continue breeding after that.

Wenwil borzoi in the Norwegian studbook


Ch Russkaja Alexandra (DC Aramis-Tsars Anastasia)

DC Aramis, Tzars Anastasia & Russkaja Alexandra

Mrs Anne Karin Olsen(Kostöl) from Kristiansand had her first borzoi, Tzars Anastasia imported from Monika Wall in Sweden. Later she imported N S Ch Don Cosacken’s Aramis from Sonja Olesen and Gunnar Larsson in Sweden. Anastasia was first bred to Aramis, giving Ch Russkaja Alexandra. Later to UK & S Ch Deanlands Boris. From this combination came Russkaja’s Boris Bazarov ,who became Top Borzoi in Norway in 1977. Mrs Olsen-Kostöl later imported N Ch Rodgivad Raindancer from England and used him on Anastasia. Unfortunately, there are no dogs left from these breedings. Russkaja bred one more litter using Charadei (Murugi)  but none from this litter went on. The kennel later moved on to other breeds.

Arne Strand

Strand’s Boris Katja

Ch Marsja

Arne Strand in Kristiansand only had one litter and did not use a kennel name. He imported the bitch Murugi’s Tatiana Zerowitj from Sweden and bred her to UK & S Ch Deanlands Boris. From this litter two of the puppies together with their mother went back to the Murugi kennels in Sweden as the Strands did not have the necessary time for a houseful of dogs. Both puppies became Champions, but unfortunately, Boris Katja didn’t produce, while Marsja,  BIS at a National Speciality, was bred from and can still be found in pedigrees.


Int Ch Don Cosackens Creol

Ch Ermolaij’ Fedra ferim

In 1971 Laila and Ole Krøtøe, kennel Zhivago, imported Int Ch Don Cosacken’s Creol. He was for several years the Top Winning borzoi in Norway. It is worth to notice that during the same time, his half-brother Int Ch Don Cosacken’s Artjenko was the top winner in Sweden. They also imported Ch DonCosackens Gizjiga Artjenkova, but unfortunately, neither of the two were bred from.

Int Ch Zhivago’s Athene

N Ch Zhivago’s Czardas

Later the Krotoes imported Ermolaij Fedra Ferim as foundation for their kennel. They also bought Nord Ch Don Cosackens Nurejev who came to have great influence on the breed through his son Int Ch Al Wintar’s United Astrachan.

Fedra was bred to Nurejev and produced several champions, Int Ch Zhivago’s Athene.stayed in the kennel and was used for the B-litter with Tovarisjtj’s Jewel For the C.litter Fedra Ferim was mated with Tovarisjtj’s Jewel to produce two Ch-s. The beautiful Ch Zhivago’s Czardas did some very nice winning for his owner and Zhivago’s. For the Zhivago’s final, the E-litter, Athene was bred to Murugis Baraban, none from this litter bred on.


Roy Sundbye with Ch Moonhill’s Elena Frolowa


Roy Sundbye bred a litter, from his English import Ch Francehill Barika mated to Ch Russkaja’s Boris Bazarov producing Ch Moonhill’s Elena Frolowa. Mr Sundbye also imported Francehill Polyanna and Francehill Oliver. He then mated Franshill Barika to Ch Danubia’s Alexander Marmic and the kennel stopped breeding after that.


Ch Anastasia av Borodino

Anne Reitan bought an older sister of Int Ch Don Cosacken’s Creol, Akita Czarina. She was litter sister to Anastasia, the foundation for the Tovarisjtj’s kennel in Sweden and bred by Barbro Bäckström. Akita was mated to Ilja of Golden West  for her first litter in 1974. From that litter Aleksei av Borodino was top winning borzoi in Norway in 1976 (?), and also Anastasia av Borodino got her Ch-title. A repeat breeding was done in 1975.

Al Wintar’s

Ch AlWintar’s Mirjos Vladimir

Ch Al Wintars Sarozza

Al Wintars Maruska

Ch Al Wintar’s Ni-Ni Noblesse

Anne Lise Wintar started her kennel Al Wintar’s in the early 70s with Afghans. A few years later she “discovered”  Borzoi and imported Marushka of Golden West. Marushka was born in 1974 and became her first brood bitch. Through excellent combinations and a large production kennel Al Wintar dominated the breed in Norway for a very long time. Her first big winner, born 1977, was Ch Al Wintar’s Mirjoz Vlademir, who is from 3/4 Finnish and 1/4 Norwegian breeding. A litter sister, Al Wintars Maruska was BIS at the National 1986 For her next litter, in 1978, she used Mirjoz to another bitch from Finland, Okarina of Golden West . This breeding gave Nord Ch Al Wintars Nikita & Ch Ni-Ni Nobless, BIS at the first Norwegian National Speciality. This breeding was repeated in 1979. In 1981 the English import Ch Francehill Oliver was used for a litter of 8, giving among else Ch Al Wintar’s Sarozza, owned by Eli Klepp (Forseth)  

Nord Ch Al Wintars United Astrachan

Nord Ch Al Wintar’s Votka

1982 was the year that Int Ch Al Wintar’s United Astrachan was born. Perhaps Al Wintars biggest star, with a BIS at Skokloster, and BOS at three Nationals, 1986, -88 and -89. “Astrus” was owned & showed by Erik Granmark & Tom Ringnes, later kennel Moscow. In 1984 Al Wintars used their Swedish import Ch Za-Wado’s Tzarkow to mate Ch Al Wintars NiNI Nobless, producing Nord Ch Al Wintar’s Votka.

Int Ch Al Wintars Zukow

Ch Al Wintars Zamir

She became a great access for the kennel, giving birth to four litters, with several Ch-s. After Ch Murugis Potemkin, Al Wintars Yard Yellow & Yuvel. After Ch Yablonaja Boleck, Int Ch Al Wintars Zukow (Owner Dagfinn Lervik) & Ch Al Wintars Zamir, exported to kennel Olagus, Sweden.

Anne Lise with puppies.

Anne Lise Wintar had a continuous breeding between 1977-1996, her last Champion,  Nord Ch Al Wintar’s Jivita was born 1996. In 2007 Anne Lise Wintar bred her final litter, mating her Danish import Lhaghana Elisabeth Of Zarina with Ch Lynx Winds from Russia. None from this litter continued the line

Rancho Divinety’s

Rancho Divinity’s Selova

Marit Grønli started in the early 1970s  by importing Tovarisjtj’s Nikololenkov from Sweden and Hvala of Golden West from Finland. The kennel had but one litter. One of the puppies was Rancho Divinety’s Stanislaw. He sired a litter for Swedish kennel Ermolaij. One from this litter, Ch Ermolaij’s Fedra Ferim came to Laila Krötöes kennel Zhivago.  A sister of Stanislaw, Rancho Divinity’s Selova, was sold to kennel LeiCro in Sweden were she had a litter.


Ch Kazar Farkai

Ch Romanis Astrea

Ch Romani’s Dear Darling

Nord Ch Zhivago’s Arijana

Marit Grønli of Rancho Divinity married Sture Henriksen, and the two of them started the kennel Romani. They had bought Zhivago’s Arijana and bred her to Ch Kazar’s Farkai, producing their first Ch,  Romani’s Astrea. For the kennels B-litter, Astrea was mated to Tovarisjtj’s Iaroslav, which produced one Ch, Romani’s Busy Bee. For the D-litter Al Wintars Zany was mated with Kazar Farkai, which gave Int Ch Romanis Dear Darling. Romanis final litter in 1993 gave two Ch-s, Romanis Zakopane & Zoft Velvet.


Grete Gillebo Laengen had a borzoi from  Frimodt kennel last litter,Frimodt’s Boris Nikolaivitsj, born in 1974. Mrs Laengen later imported  Ch Olagu’s Orskatja from  Beatrice Jahrl in Sweden and also Danubia’s Alexander Marmic from  USA. These two were bred twice and produced Lanovia’s Waslav Nijinskij in the first litter 1980. Ch Lanovia’s Vitalij Voroshilov  was born in the second, !982. He became used, twice by kennel Rosenhill, and also one litter in Finnish kennel Sinaidan.

Ch Olagus Orskatja

Ch Danubia’s Aleksander Marmic

Lanovias Waslav Nijinskij

Ch Lanovias Vitalij Voroshilov








A Sirioskha group

Int Ch Sirioschkas Amazing St Oliver

Ch Sirioschkas Amazing Cassandra

Sirioschkas Happy End

Ann- Carin Bøyesen started in 1979 living in Trondheim. Her first borzoi Ch Wenwil’s Erosjina Tsygankov became the foundation of her kennel. She  was mated to  Ch LeiCros R Zabotage, for her first litter, producing Int Ch Sirioschka’s Amazing St Oliver and Ch Sirioschka’s Amazing Cassandra, she had three litters for Sirioschka, and produced the kennels third and final Champion, Sirioschka’s Erebos-Alatyr.  Sirioschka’s did use several LeiCro dogs and continued to combine their American bloodlines with Norwegian, except for the C-litter, when English import Francehill Oliver mated Sirioschka’s Amazing Cassandra. Later Majenkir Sirioschka Gesso was imported from USA. He was an almost white dog born in 1983.  Gesso was only used once, for Sirioschkas final H-litter, in 1986.  One, Sirioschkas Happy End was exported to Swedish kennel Borodino, but none in this litter can be traced today.


Borsjana’s Boris

Ch Borsjana’s Ajax

Reidar Brenden started his kennel with Nord Ch Don Cosacken’s Erina. Erina was bred to Don Cosacken’s Artjenko and produced the  spectacular Borsjana’s Ajax. Erina was also bred to Falconcrag Moryak and from that litter came Borsjana’s Boris . He is still to be found behind some lines. Later he also bought N Ch Murugi’s Potemkin, as well as Bolsjevikens Rodnina, both from Sweden. Rodnina was bred to Ch Kaznan Dufjek for Borsjana’s third and last litter. Two from this litter, Borsjana’s Cosy & Ch Borsjana’s Cim Ursus, bred on in kennel Ajduco’s


Int Ch Kaznan Dufjek

Ch Borsjana’s Ajax, with owner Kari Myhre

Borsjana’s Cosy

Ajduco’s Zoroya

Ajduco’s Boris

Kari and Alf Myhre started with two  males,  Ch Borsjana’s Ajax, born 1975, a son of the Swedish topwinner DonCosackens Artjenko. Unfortunately, Ajax did not leave any progeny. The other was Int Ch Kaznan Dufjek born in 1974, who came to have a successful career as a stud. Ajduco started breeding in 1982, with a daugher of Dufjek, Borsjana’s Cosy, that they mated to Shelbor Count Dmitri, english import to Sweden. They kept Ajduco’s Zoroya, and had their second and final litter from her, mated to Ch Borsjana’s Cim Ursus. This linebreeding on Kaznan Dufjek was done in 1986. None from this B- litter left any mark for the future.


N Ch Murugi’s Praxina

Prakov Ivan II

Torhill Ludvigsen bought Ch Murugi’s Praxina from the Andersens in Sweden. 1982 she was bred to Kaznan Laskoj and produced Ch Patacha. In 1984, Praxina was mated to Ch Yablonaja Duschenkov, resulting in a litter of 10, Prakov-Ivan II was one from  this litter. The kennel name Praxtar was registered after the second litter, so neither of the borzois Torhill bred, carried her kennel’s name. She did not continue with borzoi but is today successful in other breeds.


N Ch Taran-Gai’s Arabann

Ch Za-Wado’s Tzarkow

Elisabeth Klausen owned Patacha. She was bred to Za-Wado’s Tzarkow and produced, among others, Ch Taran-Gai’s Arabann. He was purchased by kennel Yermoloff, Sweden, and can still be found behind their breeding.



Eva Findahl started her kennel in 1979, mating her Finnish import Chinchilla to Ch Al Wintar’s Mirjoz Wlademir. For her coming litters Ch Al Wintar’s Nikita whom she owned, mated Chinchilla.. She used several Al Wintar’s dogs in her breeding. Her third litter held Fiva’s Enitzcha that became foundation for kennel Bashkirov.

Nord Ch Al Wintars Nikita

Nord Ch Fivas Fusjenka

In the fourth litter came the first Ch, Nord Ch Fiva’s Fusjenka that was owned by Gerd Thorkildsrud and became foundation for her Tzartaig kennel. Kennel Fiva’s also used Swedish import Ch Invibes Be Zmart for a litter with Al Wintar’s Sahri. 1991 the last litter at Fiva’s held three Ch-s, among them was Ch Fiva’s Baronsky.

Bashkirov Borodina Maritza.

Ch Bashkirov Aristov Nikolaj

Eldbjørg Weidahl started her Bashkirov kennel in 1986, with Fiva’s Enitzcha, mated to Ch Za-Wado’s Tzarkow. This produced three Ch-s. One of them,  Bashkirov Aristov Nikolaj went to kennel Marelden, Sweden and sired one litter for kennel Babuschka. Bashkirov Analina Maruschka was also imported by Marelden, and had one litter in Sweden. In the second litter Bashkirov Borodina Maritza had litters for kennel Twan-San-Yen. The third and final litter was a mating between two littermates from kennel Fiva’s G-litter. None in this breeding left trace for future.


Gjiway’s Nirja Novita & Ch Al Wintars Yard Yellow

Ann Helen Eriksen  kennel Gjiway’s held several different breeds. Her borzoi breeding started in 1987, mating her swedish import Yablonaja Gjirina to her own Ch Al Wintars Yard Yellow.

Ch Gjiway’s Egarina

Ch Gjiwa’s Jr Haiduk

A breeding that had a lot of American lines, through the

Int Ch Gjiway’s Juvel

Swedish US imports Ch Tiercel of Phantom Lake and Windhound’s Bea Brave. Gjiway’s final litter came in 1999, when Ch Gjiway’s Egarina was bred to Int Ch Tzartaig Warinijen. A succesful breeding with four Ch-s, including Int Ch Gjiway’s Juvel, owned by kennel Tzartaig.  Gjiway’s breeding were mainly based on Yablonaja, Al Wintar and Tzartaig.


Ole Terje Hovland & Nils Erik Ness

Int Ch Kaznan Farina

Kazar Emilie & Kazar Dimitroff

Int Ch Kazar Balett

Kazar kennels have succeeded in breeding top borzoi from the beginning in 1979 up to this very day.  Kaznan Farina, imported from Finland, proved to be a goldmine as foundation, and her offspring can be found not only in Scandinavia but in most corners of the world.

Nord Ch Kazar Athena

She had four litters with four different males.

BIS winner Kazar Olympia

Int Ch Kazar Rurik

Nord Ch Kazar Camelia

Int Ch Kazar Eskaja Moscow

For her first litter she was mated to Ch Al Wintar’s Mirjoz Vlademir, producing two Nord Ch-s Kazar Anemone & Kazar Athena. After that, she had litters with three different Kaznan males, Laskoj, Dufjek & Misek. During the years Kazar has bred many outstanding borzoi. Breeder Ole Terje mentions Kazar Dimitroff and Kazar Emilie. The two of them became foundation for the  Fjascho-breeding. A sister of Emilie, Int Ch Kazar Eskaja Moscow, was owned by kennel Moscow, but later returned to Kazar.

Ole Terje Hovland & Int Ch Kazar Ural


Through their common offspring, they appear in pedigrees all over the globe and are behind a multitude of winners. Another outstanding borzoi was Ch Kazar Camelia, born in 1983 out of a half-sibling pairing she became the mother of 13 Kazar Ch-s. Another one to remember is Ch Kazar Olympia. She won several BIS wins and her offspring, Kazar Rurik & Kazar Slava were both BIS winners. Over the years more than 60 Kazar borzoi have gained their Champion titles.


Ter-Abyrex Gozov

Ch Ter-Abyrex Gantsjarov

Anita Stensheim-Kollien started her Borzoi kennel Ter-Abyrex in 1981 with Sirioschka’s Amazing Dennitza mated to Russlan (Egnell) resulting in one Ch, Ter-Abyrex Brechnjev. For the second litter, Sirioschka’s Amazing Lavinia was bred to Kaznan Laskoj, two Ch-s, Ter-Abyrex Gantsjarov & Ter-Abyrex Gontsjarenko. The later sired two litters but these breedings left no legacy. For her second litter Sirioschka’s Amazing Dennitza was mated to Ringmaster, 12 puppies but none with any merits. For Ter-Abyrex final litter in 1987, Swedish import Leicro’s Russian Zilver Zpoon was bred to Ch Ter-Abyrex Gantsjarov. None from this breeding left any trace.


Int Ch Moscow’s Diamond Ace

Int Ch Al Wintar’s United Astrachan

Tom Ringnes & Erik Granmark are best known for owning & showing Int Ch Al Wintar’s United Astrachan and his Best in Show win at  Skokloster show in Sweden, 1986. They breed one litter, out of Haroka’s Tatziana, mated to Al-Wintar’s United Astrachan. This produced 1991 years Top winning Int Ch Moscow’s Diamond Ace, 1991 BOS at the Norwegan National and also Borzoi of the year. He sired two litters, bred to Tzartaig Tbelizi L’vova, producing in all 5 Ch-s.


Int Ch Kazar Gaika

Ch Roscos Carisma

Ch Rosco’s Eeleonov Velikij Tsar

Ch Tarchan

Rosco’s Dubinka

Victor M Waage started his Rosco kennel in 1992, breeding his foundation Int Ch Kazar Gaika to Romanis  Borodin. He had  three litters from her. In her second, bred to Majorow’s Jaroslav Jirij came Roscos first Ch, Rosco’s Carisima In Gaikas third litter , bred to Stravi Vadim , came the second Ch Rosco’s Dvina. The E-litter, mating Carisma to Ch Zaprof’s Melmac had four Ch-s.  Rosco’s Enchanter who went to Jaroslav kennel in Sweden, where he sired one litter. Ch Rosco’s Enigma that stayed in the kennel. Ch Rosco’s Eeleonov Velikij Tsar sired two litters, one for Rosco and one for Le Sphinx, For the G-litter, US import Majenkir Tzigan at Le Sphinx was used with Ch Roscos Enigma to produce Ch Roscos Gentil. For the H-litter, another US-import V’Indras Irek mated Enigma, just one pup, Ch Rosco’s Hebranova. For the kennels final litter, yet another dog from USA, Int Ch Teine Fiddler At Tarasov was bred to Ch Roscos Hebranova. As far as I can see, no Ch-s and none that went on in breeding from this litter. However, there is one more breeding that must be mentioned. Victor M Waage co-bred a litter with Frank Fredriksen, mating Rosco’s Dubinka to US Kishniga’s Still of The Night, this produced one Ch, Tarchan, that became influential both in Norway & Sweden. He was used by Stravi & Tishkova in Norway, as well as Jelistaz in Sweden.


Ch Stravi Valdai

Ch Stravi Vadim

Ch Stravi Vikki Veleska

Int Ch Bartina av Fjascho with her owner Eli Gunneng

After owning some Borzoi during 1980s,  Eli Gunneng imported Kaznan Udalka from Finland and in 1992 bred her to Leicro’s Russian Zaprak which produced three champions, Stravi Valdai, Stravi Vadim and Stravi Vikki Veleska. Valdai sired two litters, one for Stravi, and one for Borscana in Sweden. Vadim, with two BIS at Norways National, one BOS to his sister Vikki Valeska. had four litters, one for Stravi, one at Kazar and two for Rosco’s.

Eli with three of her borzoi

Int Ch Stravi Edward Nigma, BOS Sw, National Speciality 2001




Then she bought Bartina av Fjascho , BIS at Norways National Speciality 1992 & 1996, BIS at the Swedish National 1994 and Top Winning Borzoi 1994 in both Sweden and Norway.

Ch Stravi Red Cloud

Stravi Revelation, owned by kennel Kishniga, Canada

She was  bred to Jelistaz Embassador  which produced four Ch-s. Int Ch Stravi Edward Nigma going back to Jelistaz kennel in Sweden, where he sired three litters. Int Ch, Nordic Winner 2000, Stravi Dick Tracy sired one litter, bred to Ch Stravi Vikki Veleska, that came to influence in several countries.

Ch Stravi Red Cloud sired two litters in Norway, for Stravi & Kazar, and also one for Jelistaz. Two of the bitches US & Can Ch Stravi Rite on Line & Revelation went to Canada, both had litters, Stravi Revelation had two for kennel Kishniga.


Kazar Dimitroff

Ch Kazar Emilie

Int Ch Bielaja av Fjascho

Int Ch Darjan av Fjascho

Ch Dimitroff d y av Fjascho

Ch Fjora av Fjascho

Bjarte Lien started his kennel Fjascho with a litter of Whippets in 1988. Next year, 1989 came the first litter of Borzoi, out of the two Kazar’s, Dimitroff & Emilie. It was an immediate success, a litter of four with three Int Ch-s, Bartina, Bielaja and Boris av Fjascho. A repeat breeding in 1991 resulted in two more Int Ch-s, Darjan and Dimitroff d.y. av Fjascho. The later was used for 6 litters, among them Swedish Borscana’s first litter. The two brothers Darjan & Dimitroff d. y. has each one sired 38 offspring, and the Kazar combination above has in all produced 111 puppies. A great influence on Borzois all over the world.

Ch Angara av Fjascho

In the third litter came three Ch-s. All three were used in their home kennel. Av Fjascho had continued success, combining their line with both outcrosses to US and Swedish lines as well as linebreeding back to the original Kazar blood. Examples of this are Ch Fjora av Fjascho, Int Ch Gordienko av Fjascho and Nord Ch Lesta av Fjascho. Bjarte Lien continued his breeding until 2012, when the last? Fjascho-litter was born. Only one puppy, Australian export Ch Angara av Fjascho.


Gerd Torkildsrud got her first borzoi in 1983 and have since kept a small number of Borzois as family members. The first  bitch was bought  from Fiva’s kennel. Her name was Ch Fiva’s Fusenka by Ch Za Wado’s Tzarklov out of Al Wintar’s Sahri. In 1986 it was time to mate Fusjenka and after examining available studs, Int Ch Yablonaja Boleck was chosen. The mating resulted in two girls and three boys. They all did very well with several champion-titles, and one, Tzartaig Tzar Pazijc was exported to the Kostenov kennel in the USA. Also Int Ch Tzartaig Tbelizi L’vova was used in breeding.

In 1991,  Int Ch Desire Cool Image was imported

Am & Int Ch Desire Cool Image

Nord Ch Tzartaig Rostov Na-Danu

Int Ch Tzartaig Warinijen

She had a tremendous show career, crowned with BOB and BIS-2 at Skokloster. She was bred to Tzartaig Rostov Na-Danu from Fusjenkas litter and became the mother of the W-litter with several Champions, among them Int Ch Tzartaig Warinijen.(His semen has 2022 been used for a litter at swedish kennel Lynx) In 1992 Int Ch Tzartaig Tbelizi L’Vova was mated to Int Ch Moscow’s Diamond Ace. In this litter  four become Champions. L’Vova had two more litters at two different Norwegian kennels  She also had a great show career and lived to be 13 years old.

Tzartaig Warjatova


Ch Dogcastle’s Frederique


In 1999  a litter from Ch Tzartaig Warjatova to Ch Dogcastle’s Frederique was born. Four of the seven puppies became Champions. One of them was Multi Champion Tzartaig Danilov Chess.

Multi Ch Tzartaig Danilov Chess

Int Ch Tzartaig Cool Victory

After years of recovery from illness, Gerd bought a daughter of Int Ch Tzartaig Warinijen, Int Ch Gjiway’s Juvel ,intended to be inseminated to Tzartaig Rostov Na-Danu, but unfortunately with no result. Instead, Tzartaigs had a litter in 2010, when Bistraya Bri av Adelrose was bred to Khanzade’s Cool Remembrance, only two puppies, one of them,  Tzartaig Cool Victory became Int Ch, he was used for three litters, two in Norway and one in Sweden. At about the same time, Nordic Ch Amuri-Paikos Gorka was imported from Hungary. She left no progeny.

Le Sphinx

Sirioschka’s Fergana Nikitinka

Nord Ch Sirioschka’s Erebos-Alatyr

Marit Folgerø started her kennel 1988 with Sirioschka’s Fergana Nikitinka bred to Nord Ch Sirioschka’s Erebos-Alatyr producing two Ch-s, but none were used in further breeding.

Le Sphinx Black Noble Huntress

For the next litter Nikitinka was bred to US Silkenswift Obsidian Rock. Two from this litter were used for further breeding, Le Sphinx Black Dizzy Miss Lizzy  in Swedish kennel Tjapalino and Le Sphinx Black Noble Huntress in her homekennel. She was mated to Nord Ch Al-Wintar’s Dargoz to produce the D-litter, but none from that combination bred on.

Majenkir Tzigan at Le Sphinx

Ch Le Sphinx Embla

Int Ch Le Sphinx Fenix du Grand Fresnoy

Ch Le Sphinx Filippiia

Ch Le Sphinx Killing Me Softly

Then, in 1996, two littermates were imported from US Majenkir kennel. Nord Ch Majenkir Tzigan at Le SphinxCh Majenkir Tzarina Le Sphinx. Tzigan was used for the kennels E-litter, producing 3 Ch-s, Le Sphinx Embla was one of them. Tzigan also sired a litter at kennel Rosco’s.  Tzarina had two litters. In her first, 2001, the very influential French export Int Ch Le Sphinx Fenix du Grand Fresnoy was born. He sired 11 litters, most of them for Grand Fresnoy, but also one for Czech kennel Bistkupstwo. Fenix sister Ch Le Sphinx Filippiia bred two litters for Le Sphinx. The kennel has also hereafter bred many influential Borzois, via exports and imports around the world. To be mentioned is Ch Le Sphinx Killing Me Softly, siring four litters on the European continent. Seems Le Sphinx is still active, with a litter in 2021.


Ch Vangoyesca Arenenya

Bolsjeviken’s Vanessa

 Yvonne & Göran Carlsson started in Sweden and only bred one litter, a mating between Invibe’s Doztojevskij to Bolsjeviken’s Vanessa, the litter was registered in Norway. One from that litter was Ch Vangoyesca’s Arenenya. She was owned and used by Eli-Marie Klepp-Forseth of Rosenhill kennels.


Ch Al Wintars Sarozza, going BOS at the Swedish National 1983

Ch Rosenhill’s Boquet Golden Ophelia

Rosenhill’s Climbing Rozanna

Eli-Marie Klepp (Forseth) got her first borzoi, Ch Al Wintar’s Sarozza in the early 1980’s. She was BOS at the Swedish National 1983 and had the first Rosenhill litter in 1985 bred to the English imp. to Sweden, Bacaret Easter Poacher. This produced Ch Rosenhill’s Alba Black Prince Angus. Rosenhills B-litter was after Invibe’s Etjanova, imp- from Sweden, mated to Ch Lanovia’s Vitalij Voroshilov. The C-litter was a repeat breeding to the second. Two Ch-s in this combination, one of them was Rosenhill’s Boquet Golden Ophelia  A sister, Rosenhill’s Climbing Rozanna went to swedish kennel Ivegill’s and produced two litters for them. The E-litter had only one puppy,

Rosenhill’s Edelrose Piroschka

Ch Rosenhill’s Edelrose Piroschka, after Ch Vangoyesca’s Arenenya inseminated to US Khanzade V’Asmodey Komrovsky. Semin from Komrowsky was also used to Ch Rosenhill’s Boquet Golden Ophelia. Two pups this time with one Ch, Rosenhill’s Gallica Prince Igorskij. His brother Rosenhill’s Gallicia Alexandrovitsj  sired Rosenhills  last litter in 1997, mated to Rosenhill’s Lutea-Rosati. This gave one Ch, Rosenhill’s Spinosissima-Myriacanta but none in this litter went on into the future. Eli-Marie Klepp later went in to other breeds and also became a Sighthound Judge.







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