Origin of the borzoi

Sabaneev on borzoi

Book by Leonid Sabaneev Extremely peculiar breed of dogs, undoubtedly bred by Russian hunters, as one of the most beautiful dogs, had no equal in speed at short distances. All this obliges us to trace in detail the history of hunting with greyhounds in Russia and the origin of dog greyhounds. Unfortunately, information about hunting …

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“Of Notts Kennels by Her Grace, Duchess of Newcastle”

Of Notts Kennels by Her Grace, Duchess of Newcastle Written by Maja Čosić Proofreading by Sue Vasick Article was published also as printed version in Borzoi Yearbook 2021/2022 (Europeanborzoi) and also in Croatian in Kennel Club magazine “Moj pas”: https://online.fliphtml5.com/hxyvj/cxfx/#p=93 BONUS: Three pedigrees: Ivan Turgeneff, Petrosavodsk and Podar of Notts! 1.photo The Clumber mansion When …

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Hunting with borzoi in America

  These three hunting borzois are believed to have been owned by C J Elliot from Colorado in America. Information from Andrus Kozlow, Margaret Davis and Sue Vasick! Orloff III bred by C F Hoeckel and owned by C J Elliott was from several generations of Hoeckel dogs going back to some of the Russian …

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Chack Bielaja

 Chack Bielaja Mr. Müller deals extensively with Chack Bielaja 410 in his essay: “The German Generations” and confuses his description by expressing the German fanciers favor and hatred with this dog. To get to know Chack  better, at least from pictures and from descriptions of “contemporaries”.  In the German greyhound newspaper No. 2 of 1917, …

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The Siberian Wolfhound

  An early name for the Borzoi in the UK was “Siberian Wolfhound” with the word “Borzoi” appearing later in the 19th Century.   This much travelled lithograph showing the Siberian Wolfhound (Borzoi) in the Greyhound family was originally drawn and published in “Der Hund und seine Racen” by Leopold Joseph Franz Johann Fitzinger (1802-1884) in …

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