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How to add new art

Guide to add Borzoi related art to the encyclopedia The Borzoi Encyclopedia is about the history of the breed from the earliest time and continuing. An important part of the breed, known for its beauty, elegance, strength and hunting abillities are the numerors artistic precentation. The borzoi appears in sculptures, paintings, films, photographs, fabrics and …

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UICL Standard of 1924

UICL Standard of 1924 Until the second half of the 19th century, the notion of standard, as it is understood today, did not exist in Russia. “The standard was a tradition that was transmitted not by canine societies but from father to son by connoisseur breeders and all users” (Prince Serge Cantacuzène). The first document that resembles …

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FCI Standard of 2021

In 2021 was the Russian standard for borzoi fully adapted by the FCI FCI Standard 2021


The Black Borzoi

Very little distinguishes a borzoi from the year 1900 from a borzoi in the year 2000. When we look at other breeds we will almost always see alarming differences. Why is the borzoi so consistent in type over such a long period of time? We owe this consistency and the high level of soundness to …

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