The aus der Taiga story

A young Ute Dick with Otschin aus der Taiga

Ute Dick has sent us this story about the kennel aus der Taiga in what then was Easten Germany.

This is her memories of the Kennel “aus der Taiga”:

Taiga group

I met  the Nellissen family, Otto and Ruth in the years 1968-1972, I was a child at the age of 9 years. The residence of the Nellissen family was 50 km away from us, they lived in Kändler a small village near Chemnitz. I often visited the family with my parents.

According to my memories, there lived about 7-10 barsois in the colors bright (blonde) and red coat dogs. They were very typical dogs with very nice narrow heads and dark eyes and very good physique. Furthermore they also kept Afghan Hound and Italian sighthounds that lived in the house of Nellissen.


The Barsois was kept outside in large Kennels, separated by sex and age, the puppies were in the house.

Passat and Otschin aus der Taiga

My family had the males Gabor, Otschin and Passat, a friend of our family had the male Questoff. I got to know the Barsois Chici, Noble, both bright and very elegant, Noble was big and Chici small, then Masha and Tanjuscha, little with red coat. The male Primas Springinsfeld was big and bright, but not nice in temprament! The male Mogul was also blond, but a little, he was a dear.

The male Pertzsch was a black coat dog, this color was not good at that time!

The male Questoff was a very big bright dog very nice, but his temperament was not the best, I as a child was afraid! The dog Ojak was very nice, tall and white, very strong and sweet. Orlov had a red coat and he was a little male.

The last Taiga barsoi I saw was Suka, a big white. The last litter was the T Litter in 1972.

Due to a fatal accident of Ruth Nellissen the breeding was stopped. After that, my parents no longer had any contact.

The males Rasan and Tschaikov were used for breeding in CZ.

Scandinavian readers are perhaps interested to learn that Heiduk aus der Taiga came with Gisela Godager to Norway. He did however not leave any offspring, perhaps as he was known to have a rather sharp temperament!