Golitsin Hunt






Two svoras belonging to Prince Golitsin, from left Cepki (Perchino), Kolpik (Golitisin), Razmakh



(Perchino), Boets (Perchino), Lava and Altaj, both Golitsin. Photo from collection Irina Shlykova.

Several from the Golitsin family owned and bred borzoi:

Dmitri Borisovich

Dimitri Michailovitj

Waldimir E. Golitsin

Pavel Pavlovitj Golitsin

Princess Golitsin

Several of them had the title Prince and where related to the Royal family.































Andrus Kozlov

The owner of the dogs was Princess Anna Sergeevna Golitzyna (estate of Knyazevka, Penza province, South Russia). But this lady lived much later.

Gravestones of the borzois Ugar and Azar. The epitaph on Ugar’s grave reads: “In his life, 5 wolves were taken from under him, 31 foxes, 31 hares and 89 white hawks were captured by him”, and on the grave of another: “Azar was born on October 26, 1904. The artifacts come from the Golitzyn family estate in the village of Knyazevka, Penza province.