The Golitsin Family


Golitsin is here used for all the family members even if there are used other spellings of the Family name.


At least four different members of the family bred and owned borzoi in Russia:

When we look at the pedigrees of the Borzoi or talk about the breeders of the 19th – early 20th centuries, we must take into account the fact that there were quite a few Borzoibreeders with the same name – the Bibikovs, Chelishchevs, Kareevs, Boldarevs, Sheremetyevs, Golitsyns, etc. For example, if it says “Prince Golitsyn’s dogs” , then first we need to clarify who we are talking about


The most famous, undoubtedly, His Grace Prince Dmitry Borisovich Golitsyn (1851-1920), from 1889 was the head of the Imperial Hunt in Gatchina, from 1899 chief-hunter-master of the Court, general from the cavalry, English scholar. His breeding (dogs and borzois) have been famous in hunts and exhibitions since the end of the 1880s. He was breeding borzois for thirty years. His dogs were located in Gatchina, on the estate of Sima Yaroslavl (today Vladimirskaya) , and in Vyazemy Moscow. After the revolution he emigrated to Greece.

In the photo, His Grace Prince Dmitry Borisovich Golitsyn on a hunt in Vyazemy.


Less well-known is Prince Dmitry Mikhailovich Golitsyn (1867-1913), whose dogs successfully participated in exhibitions and hunts in the early 20th century. His estate has been located since 1900 in Volochanovo, Moscow province. Often in the catalogs his place of residence is Knjazny Gory (such a railway station is located 9 miles from the estate). D.M. Golitsyn wrote “Notes and Confessions of a Dog Hunter. Autumn of 1906” – published on the site – http://borzoi-pedigree.com/library/Goliztin.html.

In the photo, Prince Dmitry Mikhailovich Golitsyn on a hunt in Volochanovo -1906.

Prince Pavel Pavlovich Golitsyn (1856-1914) – huntmaster of the court, Novgorod district and provincial leader of the nobility, member of the State Council. He inherited the mayorate established by Countess S.V. Stroganova for his daughter, Princess Aglaida Pavlovna Golitsyna, who included the Maryino estate in the Novgorod district, located near the village of Andrianovo (today the Tosnensky district of the Leningrad region). He was often a participant in the Volyshov hunts of Prince S. Stroganov and the prince B. Vasilchikova. He came with his small hunting, consisting of 10-15 dogs, from his estate Maryino. Greyhounds P.P. Golitsyna (mostly Borzois) successfully performed in hunts for agility, where in the period 1884-1893 g won 14 prizes (in the report 6. place).

In the photo, Prince Pavel Pavlovich Golitsyn on a hunt in Volyshovo.

The youngest huntsman, a cousin of Pavel Pavlovich, was Prince Vladimir Emmanuilovich Golitsin (1884-1954), adjutant of VK Nikolay Nikolayevich Romanov. At the hunts for the agility of 1913 in Pershino, he exhibited 6 dogs, of which 4 were red-spotted-littermates (from Pylyaya Boldarev and Pobeda Pershino Hunt), but almost all were knocked out already at the first hunt. Prince V.E. Golitsyn emigrated with his wife to Italy, then moved to the UK. He lived in London, where he died in 1954.

In The photo, Prince Vladimir Emanuelovich Golitsyn with a pack of Borzois at Pershino.



By Andrus Kozlov/Translation to english by Dan Persson






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Prins Dimitri  Mikhailovich resting on way home from the hunt with a fox behind his saddle.












Pavel Golitzin hunting in Volyšovo with two greyhound-looking hounds.












































There was also a fifth member of the family involved in Borzois and hunting, The Princess Yevdokia Golitsin/comment by Dan Persson



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