Nikolai N Tchelicheff



Nikolai Nikolaevich Tchelicheff was active as breeder and hunter from about 1890 until the revolution. 26 borzoi bred or owned by Tchelicheff is recorded in the studbook. One of his dogs where the famous Serdetschny (Tchelicheff). exported to G van Moelen in Belgium.

Nikolai was one of five brothers, Dimitrim, Viktor, Alexander and Alex, sons of Nikolai Dmitrievich Tchelicheff, all five were hunters. Hunting was not only a passion, it was a cult for the Tchelicheff family members. Much of life evolved around the hounds and the hunt. Large hunting parties with other well know hunters, Bibikov, Sorotkin, Geyer,Majorov, Berezniki, Ozerov and others.

Viktor Tchelicheff fled in 1918 to USA, he wrote about hunting with borzoi.

Nikolai stayed in Russia and did much to help the breed to survive revolution and the civil war. He continued as an inspiration and an expert in borzoi in the Sovjet Union until after WW 2.

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