January 2022




Discussions on program development, delegates and editors.

 Meeting held on:

January 1, 2022

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Submitted on:

May 03, 2022

Last modified on:

May 04, 2022


Arvid Andersen








1. Items from last meeting!
a. Vida; Visit cards, official letter head for correspondence, presentations, and reports.
b. Contact with IBC about next year’s General meeting, report?
c. Extend the borzoi book section and include links to content, authors etc. Include list of magazines with links to articles from the magazines. We have permission from Lyn Snyder Hoflin to use articles from the Borzoi Quarterly. Make a deal with Evelyn Kirsch at European Borzoi to share articles. Sue Vasick published Borzoi International and has given permission to use. For the rest of the publications, we need for an editor in charge to contact each and ask for cooperation.
d. Interviews in the style of The Borzoi Quarterly can and should be published in TBE. Even in this case the editor in charge need to contact people on the interview list. Ask for volunteers to handle interviews. Could be more than one but use the same questionnaire.
e. Seminars? Seems difficult to accomplish. Perhaps invite people to write articles with their opinion on the borzoi world. Freedom to express but rules set up and an editor to publish.
f. We have decided to hold the first General Meeting in connection with the IBC meeting in Holland next year. Appoint an Election committee to suggest board members at next year’s general meeting. Members of the committee should mirror the membership.

2. Economy report, Dan. New donation campaign?
3. We have installed borzoipedia.com on the Hetzner server for €8.21/month.
4. Bjorn Hansen is installing the studbook with the help of Margaret Davis and Ron from the Breedmate company in Australia. Necessary code to move data to and from borzoipedia and other functions will be implemented when borzoipedia is finally moved. The program name will be borzoipedia.com and borzoipedia.com will disappear! Björn has agreed to continue work on the borzoipåedia program.
5. Borzoipedia program progress. It was meant for Igor to report here but as you may have seen on FB, he has chosen to leave us. He does so in the middle of the program restoration which makes it quite difficult for a new programmer to take on the job. Hope you all will help looking for people willing to help!
6. Editor permissions approved to the following: Danielle Laurent-Faure, Sue Vasick, Olga Zilberman, Margaret Davis, Dan Persson, Andrus Kozlov, Arvid Andersen? Do we need more, add the name(s) to the list? Mail to Igor!
7. Approve Danielle Laurent-Faure to handle the Book section. Ask if she is willing to include magazines in the book section with links to articles. The Borzoi Quarterly, Borzoi International, European borzoi, others?
8. Approve Olga Zilberman to handle the Art section. Ask if she will do presentation of the artists when known.
9. Appoint Interview editor(s)? Suggestion: Lorraine Harvey, if she is willing, approve at the meeting.
10. Delegates, contact and acceptance, Marina
11. Present and approve the list of Delegates!
12. New questions!
13. The old drupal version will be renamed and stay on the previous server for use by Björn and Arvid!
14. Delegate meeting on 2022-04-19
15. End and decide date for next meeting, 2022-04-05.