Borzoi in Europe

Borzoi History Denmark 1900-2000

There are no records of the very early Borzoi breeding in Denmark, but as the ruling classes in Denmark and Russia had close connections, one would not be surprised if Borzois were introduced quite early by the Royalties in to the finer Houses of Copenhagen. In a chapter of the book, “InterEuropean Borzoi Almanach” published …

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Regina Maria of Romania

             Marie, Queen of Romania Granddaughter of Queen Victoria (UK) and Prince Albert. Known as “Missy” she was the eldest daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh (UK) and married to Ferdinand, King of Romania. Her Mother, Marie, was a Princess of England but born a Grand Duchess of …

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Louis Dobbelmann, a pioneer in Borzois. Andrus Kozlov material

Louis Dobbelmann (1837-1901) was the owner of a tobacco factory. Even before buying his first borzois, Dobbelmann kept the Eldee kennel, where he had various breeds of dogs (St. Bernards, pugs, spaniels, mastiffs), but his Great Danes were especially famous. In 1892, Dobbelman exhibited borzois: a male named Malakoff, born in 1891 (Nagrazhdai I Nemirovsky …

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