Reg Bassett



Submitted by:

Arvid Andersen

on May 5, 2017 6:47 pm

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Dogs Owned:

Claire of Colhugh
Colhugh Cwitepreti
Colhugh Coutoure
Yanjoy Cymru
Colhugh Tanya of Matalona
Fortrouge Ben of Longuin
Baroncroft Custard of Colhugh
Dimland Catina of Colhugh
Colhugh Crumpet
Colhugh Calpernia
Colhugh Cob Nut
Sarclash of Colhugh
Colhugh Crystal
Waycross Alexander
Colhugh Cinders
Keepers Falling Leaves
Tanya of Matalona
Sadko of Colhugh
Dimland Kohoutek of Colhugh
Colhugh Clangers
Colhugh Valla
Colhugh Cuddles
Zomahli Udachnik of Colhugh
Tina of Colhugh
Annikka of Greenhaven
Grand Manner of Colhugh

Dogs Bred: