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The complete guide to dog hunting

Complete guide to dog hunting

  Peter Gubin (1843-1906) was an avid hunter and breeder of hunting dogs and sighthound breeds and devoted his free time to hunting with hounds. Over the years, he painstakingly collected materials for his book, where he described in detail observations, his own personal experience and knowledge from the oldest and most authoritative hunters. “Full …

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Your Borzoi - Alfred W. Edlin, M.D.

Your Borzoi

128 pages Alfred Edlin (Ridgeside Kennels) takes you through a brief but thorough introduction to the breed. The book covers such topics as: – choosing a puppy and the characteristics and personality of an adult Borzoi; – maintenance: grooming, coat care, nutrition, general healthcare and basic training; – the history of the Borzoi and an overview of the main …

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Borzoi-Ringens Jubileumsbok 1971-1991

Innehållsförteckning Borzoi i Sverige 1980 – 1990 Borzoi i Norge Annonser Annonsindex Borzoi in Sweden 1980 – 1990, English summary Borzoi in Norway, English summary


The Borzoi Handbook

Photo N°1 A copy of the “The Borzoi Handbook” edition. Date not specified (the first edition is 1952). Photo N° 2 : “Borzois”, a rewrite of “The Borzoi Handbook” by the same author, published in 1971. Other edition in 1977, with additionnal illustrations. 241 pages. A must-see of the genre, published by the English breeder …

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